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Reusable Bamboo Straws

The bamboo used for our straws is harvested from rural farms in Vietnam. It's not cut from natural forests so it doesn’t harm the habitats of pandas or any other wild animals.

bamboo straws harvesting

Bamboo Straws Production Process

The bamboo from the farms is grown organically without any pesticides. After harvesting, the bamboo is left to dry in the sun until it can be cut to length and hand-polished with sand. All our straws are hand-made with the exception of some tools to help cut the bamboo and remove any rough parts. There are no chemicals used in the entire process of making the straws.

Bamboo straws

Cleaning Brushes for Your Bamboo Straws

Our straw cleaning brushes are made of reclaimed coconut bristles, which is a plastic-free option to standard nylon bristles. The coconut bristles are woven onto a stainless steel handle that for a flexible and simple cleaning process.

Coconut husk straw cleaner

Packaging and Shipping the Straws

Panda & Coco ensures that every step of the products production process is eco-friendly, even the packaging. When shipping our straws, we always do it plastic-free. This requires some more work and investment from our part, but we want to make sure that we eliminate plastic, every step of the way


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