Giving Back To The Earth And Our Animals

Giving Back To The Earth And Our Animals

Panda & Coco works together with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted to plant trees. 

There are many reasons why trees are so important for the environment and why we should focus on reforestation. Here a few:

plant trees

Remove harmful carbon dioxide

Trees are very important for the environment as they help improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide CO2, a greenhouse gas linked to global warming. 

Release Oxygen

Through an amazing process called Photosynthesis, trees have the ability to release oxygen. 


A Home for Animals

Many animals live in trees and use them to raise their babies. Trees are also a great food source and a nice way to stay cool during warmer weather.


Help Wildlife

Together with our customers Panda & Coco wants to save wildlife by symbolically adopt animals with WWF-Canada

adopt wildlife

By adopting animals we help conserve wildlife and our planet. Panda & Coco holds these adoption events every year where a percentage of each purchase goes towards the adoption. 



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